Fishing Swimsuit
Example: Happy in Erza's Body

低能 (チェンジリング)


Teinō (Chenjuringu)


Erza Scarlet + Happy
Gray Fullbuster + Lucy Heartfilia
Natsu Dragneel + Loke
Elfman Strauss + Cana Alberona
Makarov Dreyar + Mirajane Strauss
Jet + Droy

Changeling (低能, チェンジリング, Chenjuringu) is an anime-only, uncategorized Spell.


This spell can switch minds and bodies. It is activated by reading a incantation after which a sudden strange light engulfs and switches the bodies. Also the spell has to be deactivated within 30 minutes or the minds will never go in their original bodies. If Mages have been switched then their Magic will also be switched, as when Happy and Erza switched, Happy while in Erza's body, was able to use Erza's Requip Magic and Erza, while in Happy's body, was able to use his Aera Magic.[1]


  1. Fairy Tail Anime: Episode 19


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